What is Digital Humanities?

Digital humanities is an interdisciplinary academic field that encompasses the application of digital technologies and tools to the analysis, interpretation, dissemination, and advancement of traditional humanities disciplines.

The components that I used in constructing this definition help explain the what, how, and why questions that often come up in the digital humanities debate. The first segment explains that digital humanities is an academic, interdisciplinary field of study. Some of the definitions out there skip this explanation, but it is crucial to establish what digital humanities is first of all. Knowing the interdisciplinarity nature of the field of study known as digital humanities helps the reader to discern that the disciplines involved are computer and social sciences once they read the entire definition. The next segment explains how this collaboration occurs: “the application of digital technologies and tools” part refers to the computer science discipline, while the last part mentions some of the ways digital technologies are applied to humanities scholarship and why. Dissemination and advancement humanities scholarship are key words that stress the importance of this novel discipline.

I considered listing some of the digital tools used to examine humanities scholarship. Still, computer technology is changing so rapidly that my definition risks appearing obsolete as new ways of collaboration continue to emerge. Now that the world is increasingly conducting its activities virtually, digital humanities is more relevant than ever. Digital humanities is an exponentially growing field in charge of bringing humanities scholarship to the digital age.

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